Unwrapping the Magic: Nexxen Studio Reveals the Most Engaging Christmas Adverts of 2023

Unwrapping the Magic: Nexxen Studio Reveals the Most Engaging Christmas Adverts of 2023

The festive season in the UK has long been synonymous with heartwarming and entertaining advertisements. And each year, Nexxen Studio’s Creative Insights team is keen to understand what, exactly, makes these ads sparkle in consumers’ minds. From celebrity cameos to philanthropic tie-ins, here’s a look at this year’s top five Christmas ads and what made them shine. 

1. Aldi: Kevin and the Christmas Factory

Aldi emerged as the frontrunner, captivating audiences with a perfect blend of animated characters and emotional storytelling. Touting their partnership with giving platform ‘Neighbourly’, Aldi highlighted their philanthropic side which both informed and resonated with consumers.  

2. ASDA: Pop the Bublé!

ASDA, a familiar face in the top five, features the beloved Michael Bublé. Their ‘Incredibublé ad, tailored for Christmas Enthusiasts, showcases the retailer’s knack for combining star power with a festive vibe by cleverly informing viewers of their creative food pairings available only at ASDA! 

3. Shelter: Good As Gold

Breaking away from the supermarket trend, Shelter – a homeless charity – secured the third spot with an emotionally charged narrative. The ad follows Maddie’s selfless acts, only to reveal a stark reality on Christmas morning. Shelter’s powerful message reminds viewers that the festive season is not just about receiving but also giving, leaving a lasting impact on audiences and fostering a sense of goodwill. 

4. LIDL: A Magical Christmas

LIDL, a newcomer to the top five, also embraces the power of animated characters to tell its Christmas story, the power of a thoughtful and selfless gift-giving. The supermarket’s ad – infused with happiness, warmth and a selfless nature – resonated strongly with viewers.  

5. Sainsbury’s: This Christmas

Sainsbury’s secured its place with a heartwarming blend of nostalgia and warmth. The ad strikes a balance between emotional resonance and a celebration of the season. Sainsbury’s entry into the top five reaffirms that a dash of nostalgia, combined with genuine emotion, can create a Christmas advert that stands out. 

This year’s top five was largely dominated by supermarkets, and a closer look at these high performers reveals a secret recipe for success: creating informative ads through a unique brand narrative which taps into atypical Christmas emotions – such as nostalgia, hilarity or sadness – helps advertisers stand out from the ‘happiness and warmth’ saturation of the Christmas crowd.  

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