Publisher Policy

Last Updated January 23, 2024

The following Policy applies to any party (each a “Publisher” or “Supply Partner”) engaging with Nexxen Group LLC, or any of its affiliated group companies (“Nexxen”), in the provision of digital online advertising services (the “Services” or “Platform”) relating to the monetization of Publisher’s and/or its clients’ advertising inventory (“Publisher Inventory”), which may include websites, mobile applications, television, and/or other media on which Publisher’s Inventory is accessible through the Nexxen Services (the “Publisher Properties”). We ask that you read this Policy carefully and refer to this document often and as needed. Nexxen reserves the right to modify or amend this Publisher Policy at any time by posting modifications or amendments (including in the form of a restatement if appropriate). It is Publisher’s responsibility to keep up to date with the policies posted here.

1. Media Placement

Nexxen offers a number of media formats. Publishers are encouraged to experiment with a variety of placements, provided the following policies are respected:

  • Publisher is solely responsible for Publisher Properties;
  • Generally, up to three media units may be displayed on each page;
  • No placements may be displayed in a pop-up, pop-under or in an email;
  • No elements on the page may obscure any portion of the placements or redirect users to unwanted sites, modify browser settings, or otherwise adversely interfere with user navigation;
  • No placements on non-content-based pages, applications, or pages of sites that do not match the domains, that were approved and vetted by Nexxen for the Publisher, or pages of sites that have been disapproved or rejected by Nexxen;
  • No media units may be triggered by or otherwise integrated into any adware, toolbars, add-ons, browser-plug-ins or similar software applications;
  • Neither the Nexxen Media Player nor any Nexxen-supplied video content may be altered. Nexxen-supplied code must be pasted directly into web pages without modification and without changing in any manner the behaviour, targeting or delivery of the placements;
  • Publisher assumes responsibility for insuring, at its own expense, that Publisher Properties operate the Nexxen Media Player compatibly and that any and all Nexxen-supplied video content display correctly. Nexxen has no obligation to notify you even if it should become aware that Nexxen-supplied video content is not being displayed properly to end users of Publisher Properties;
  • Publisher Properties must contain a  minimum of original content and may not:
    • Contain content that offers little to no value;
    • Content taken from other sites without clear attribution or in violation of the law or of any third party’s rights; or
    • Have content which is predominately ads with little content or are designed primarily to display ads.

2. Prohibited Categories

Publisher Properties may not display or include any of the following types of prohibited content:

  • Promotion or the sale of fireworks;
  • Pornography, nudity, adult or mature content  or suggestive content or images;
  • Anime/Manga.
  • Violent content, racial intolerance, hate, criminal, or terrorist activities or advocacy against any individual, group or organization;
  • Promote illegal online gambling (including daily fantasy sports in jurisdictions where daily fantasy sports are considered to be illegal online gambling);
  • Promotion or use of illegal drugs;
  • Promote adult-themed dating, escort services, “mail-order brides,” or similar services;
  • Install spyware, trojans, viruses or other malware;
  • Incite hatred of any race, religion, creed, class, gender, sexual orientation, ethnic group, or of any individual or group;
  • Describe, depict, or glorify pain, suffering, torture, violence or death of or against humans or animals;
  • Sell or promote firearms, ammunition, bombs or other weapons, or related design materials, including handgun safety certificates, fighting knives, stun guns and BB guns;
  • Sell or promote illegal drugs, drug paraphernalia, or ways to pass a drug test;
  • Promote illegal or P2P file-sharing, torrent, or anything that facilitates or promotes copyright infringement;
  • Infringe intellectual property rights including sales or promotion of products that are replicas or imitations of designer goods;
  • Sales or distribution of term papers or student essays;
  • Cult or Occult related content;
  • Promote or contain libel or fraud;
  • Violate any applicable law, regulation, governmental rule or court order;
  • Contain profanity;
  • Send an SMS message, or initiate a charge, without explicitly notifying a user and requiring a tap or other intentional action (click-to-call or click-to-SMS ads must clearly indicate that clicking the ad will initiate the call or SMS message; conventions such as a phone number that looks like a hyperlink are acceptable notification);
  • Claim that a third-party plug-in such as a Flash or Java player is outdated in order to entice users to download software;
  • Promote hacking, cracking, or warez;
  • Promote any other products, services, or content that are illegal, promote harmful activity, or infringe on the rights of others. This includes sites that provide “how-to” information on bomb-making, lock-picking, and similar topics;
  • Sell or promote smoking, tobacco, cigars cigarette papers, or blunt wraps;
  • Are misleading or contain content that is not reflective of what the user will find on the clickthrough URL;
  • Employ phishing techniques or seek to trick the user into providing sensitive information by misrepresenting the identity of the advertiser;
  • Falsify any user interaction, such as faking clicks;
  • Mimic system errors or messages;
  • Unmoderated of significant amounts of User Generated Content (UGC); or
  • Any other content that is illegal, promotes illegal activity or infringes on the legal rights of others.

3. Restricted Ad Categories

The below Ad categories may be permitted within the Platform. Ads must comply with all applicable laws, rules and regulations, this Policy. All Ads are subject to review and approval. Nexxen reserves the sole right to determine on a case-by-case basis whether to restrict or allow the serving of Ads through the Platform in the following categories:

  • Gambling;
  • Alcohol;
  • Tobacco;
  • Politics;
  • Online pharmacies and the sale of any prescription medication;
  • Cannabis/THC and CBD advertising is allowed in jurisdictions where recreational use is legal, with the following requirements:
    • Ads must be geo-locked to places where it is legally permitted  (CBD products can run without geo targeting);
    • Ads must run on a specific inclusion list of publishers that permit these types of advertising;
    • Creative mush be pre-approved;
    • Ads must contain age gating or clear labeling along the lines of “Adult Use Only” or “21+ Only”;
    • Ads cannot make claims of benefits, especially regarding health/medical claims;
    • Ads cannot depict doctors/health-professionals, nor have them making recommendations for products or usage;
    • Ads cannot depict (or actively promote) the use/usage of any substance or actively encourage new use/users;
    • Ads cannot be in a style meant to appeal to young audiences (no candy, cartoons/animations, etc);
  • Cryptocurrency related products and services;
  • Financial Products and Services (mortgage, credit cards, personal and other loans) are subject to targeting restrictions to be provided by the advertiser;
  • Adult-oriented products and services.

For more information on Restricted Ad Categories, please contact your designated account representative.

4. Invalid and Fraudulent Traffic

Any method that artificially generates views or engagements, directly or indirectly, is strictly prohibited. Publisher shall not use, and shall not permit the use of, any mechanical, computerized, fraudulent, deceptive, or any other invalid or artificial means of increasing viewership, engagement, impressions, usage or any other measure of Internet traffic at any of Publisher Properties (individually and collectively, “User Engagements“). Prohibited means and methods include and are not limited, to the following:

  • Bot(s), robot(s) malware, automated view- or engagement-generating tools or similar programs,
  • Third-party services that generate views or engagements through repeated manual clicks or automated means, such as paid-to-view or paid-to-surf services.
  • Placeholders or transparently-rendered placements (in contrast to fully visible placements able to attract organic user interaction).
  • Masking or cloaking a Publisher Property’s URL or employ any other means to obscure the true source of traffic.
  • Automated query tools, computer generated search requests, inappropriate link baiting or buzz baiting, or similar improper or disreputable search engine optimization services or similar purchases of traffic to pages displaying placements.
  • Auto-spawning of browsers, automatic redirecting of visitors, blind text links, misleading links, forced clicks (e.g., when a user is ‘forced’ to click because of a hijacked browser, or because a placement has been altered so that it is impossible to close without clicking it).
  • Toolbars, adware or similar applications that generate User Engagement by triggering pop-ups, redirecting users to unwanted Web sites, modifying browser settings, or otherwise interfering with user navigation.
  • Spam or other unsolicited and illegal emails or similar communications.
  • Inappropriate newsgroup, comments, microblog or similar postings.
  • Purchase of keywords in a manner that infringes trademark rights in order to drive traffic to pages displaying placements.
  • Keyloggers and Monitoring
  • Proxy Avoid and Anonymizers
  • Spyware and Adware


Nexxen will, in its sole discretion, determine whether any device or technology operates in a manner that generates the kind of User Engagement sought by its advertising clients, and may disqualify any User Engagement generated by means or methods that it determines in its sole discretion to be invalid or prohibited. Where valid or organically-generated User Engagements are co-mingled with views or engagements resulting from prohibited methods, whether or not intentionally, Nexxen may, in its sole discretion, determine that all such User Engagements and other views and engagements (i.e., both valid and invalid) will be disqualified.

5. Additional Restrictions of Advertising Clients

For certain advertisers, Publishers must abide by additional restrictions or rules that have been prescribed by such advertising client. In the case of placements relating to the promotion of alcohol beverages or their branded producers, Publisher’s Sites may not (x) target or attract an audience of which more than 25% are under the applicable drinking age where such audiences reside (e.g., under 18 years of age in the United Kingdom and other European countries and under 21 years of age in the United States), unless the campaign is age gated or age targeted, or (y) encourage excessive alcohol consumption or driving or use of potentially dangerous machinery while consuming or under the influence of alcoholic beverages.

6. Auto Refresh

Publishers may load new ads only when (a) the end user navigates to a new page or screen; (b) the current page is substantially updated with new content and at least 1 minute has passed since the last refresh; or (c) the ad unit has remained in view for at least 30 seconds, as measured by an MRC-accredited verification company. In no event may a Publisher refresh an ad unit more than 20 times per end user session (e.g. slideshows).

7. Onboarding, Monitoring and Ongoing Review of Publisher Properties

Publisher hereby consents to Nexxen monitoring, recording, using, and disclosing information about any Publisher Properties to verify compliance with these Publisher Policies and any Agreement. Publisher must inform Nexxen of any new Publisher Properties it wishes to onboard. Nexxen will conduct an onboarding review of such Publisher Properties.  Nexxen reserves the right to refuse participation to any Publisher and/or Publisher Properties at any time in its sole discretion. Even if Nexxen approves a Publisher Property, Nexxen may later terminate such participation if determined by Nexxen that Publisher has breached the Agreement.

8. Disqualification or Termination, etc.

Failure to adhere or comply with these policies may result in disqualification or termination of Publisher or any Publisher Properties and/or the withholding or cancellation of any amounts that otherwise might have been payable to Publisher. Nexxen reserves the right to suspend, disable or terminate any account at any time.

9. Responsibility for Third Party Practices

Nexxen may attribute to the Publisher any activity originating from Publisher Properties IP address(es), Publisher Properties or any computers, servers and/or cloud-based services owned, used or contracted by Publisher or in its physical possession or control. It is Publisher’s responsibility to ensure that no advertising network, affiliates or other persons or entities engage in any prohibited means or methods in relation to any of Publisher Properties. Nexxen will have no obligation or liability to any Publisher (or any other person or entity) if views or engagements on Publisher Properties are invalidated, amounts owing or payable are withheld or cancelled, or Publisher’s account area is disabled by Nexxen or its affiliates as a result of such activities, even if discovered to have been caused by third parties.

These Publisher Policies are incorporated into and will be part of the Agreement between the Publisher and Nexxen. Any capitalized terms not defined in these Publisher Policies will have the meaning as set forth in the Agreement.

Agreement” means all document signed or accepted by and between the Parties including but not limited to the following, as applicable:

  • Advertising Services Agreement including all Addendum(s) and Amendment(s);
  • Nexxen IOs.

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