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Standard Display

Create eye-catching banner ads.

Deliverables & Specs

Ad Size & Device Type

  • 300×250 | Desktop, Tablet, Mobile
  • 160×600 | Desktop, Tablet
  • 728×90 | Desktop, Tablet
  • 300×600 | Desktop
  • 320×50 | Mobile

File Format

  • Static Ads: JPG, PNG
  • Animated Banner: GIF, Third Party Hosted

Max File Size

  • 150KB initial load; 2.2MB total load size

Frame Rate

  • 24 FPS

Max Animation Length

  • 15 seconds

Max Loops

  • 3x


Nexxen supports HTML5 creative uploads submitted in a ZIP file that contains an HTML file and local supporting assets in IAB standard.


User initiated


  • Ads that auto play audio are prohibited. (Ads that auto play video are OK, as long as the audio is muted.)
  • Adult-Oriented, Weapon, Tobacco, Dishonest Behavior, and Inappropriate content will be disapproved.
  • Ads that spawn popups or surveys are prohibited.
  • All ads need to be SSL-compliant.
  • Ad unit content must be clearly distinguishable from normal webpage content (i.e. ad unit must have clearly defined borders and not be confused with normal page content).

Data and Unified Solutions That Drive Results

TV Intelligence

Solve for the challenges of linear and CTV viewer fragmentation, wasted impressions and siloed cross-platform measurement with a full suite of planning, insights, data, activation and measurement tools.

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Hisense VIDAA Strategic Partnership

Enhance your campaigns and precisely target your consumers with high-impact native display units and exclusive ACR data sourced from Hisense’s smart TV VIDAA and Android operating systems.

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Nexxen Studio

Meet your KPIs by ensuring your creative is relevant, built for engagement and optimized for the right screen using a full suite of data-driven solutions that inform media and creative planning and drive action.

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Green Media Products

Fight climate change and still access the same premium inventory from our SSP with our first-to-market green media CTV PMPs–built in partnership with Scope3–and our cross-screen PMPs or pre-bid segments.

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Attention Solutions

Capture attention from start to finish with our pre-campaign creative analysis and optimization capabilities, first-to-market high-attention CTV PMPs and measurement, our cross-screen PMPs and in-depth reporting.

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CTV First Ad Slot Targeting

Whether you're a buyer or seller, leveraging the premium nature of the first slot within an ad break is a powerful way to amplify a brand message or maximize revenue.

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Syndicated & Preferred Audiences

Choose from thousands of partner targeting segments available via our integrated Nexxen DMP.

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Learn how you can effectively and meaningfully leverage today’s video and CTV opportunities with our end-to-end platform, data and insights.