Nexxen's Approach to Identity

Nexxen’s Approach to Identity

As privacy regulations loom and third-party cookies continue to deprecate, we believe the future of advertising and identity resolution will rely on a combination of strategies. Nexxen’s agnostic approach is designed to offer just that, future-proofing advertisers’ and marketers’ businesses by providing flexible ways to reach audiences in a post-cookie world.  

Our identity solution is formulated to support universal identifiers (both probabilistic and deterministic), contextual- and cohort-level targeting and first-party publisher data and supply curation, blending these tools to create an open, interoperable and flexible offering. Ultimately, our aim is to empower brands to connect with consumers accurately and at scale, now and moving forward.  

Here’s a look at how each aspect of our four-pronged strategy works.  

Universal ID Support 

Our agnostic approach means we can fully incorporate different universal IDs across our tech stack, enabling us to curate private marketplaces (PMPs) with specific IDs, match audiences that are created using those IDs and then target against those IDs through our demand-side platform. We are currently fully integrated with LiveRamp’s RampID and will soon be integrated with The Trade Desk’s Unified ID 2.0 (UID2) as well. We also offer pass-through support for all major universal IDs for targeting across Nexxen supply, including RampID, UID2, ID5 and many more – a list to which we’ll continue to add as the industry evolves and new IDs emerge.  

Unified Identity Graph 

This year, we plan to combine and deduplicate multiple identifiers into a merged Nexxen Unified Graph. This will enable us to increase scale, unify bidding and improve frequency controls at the person- and household-levels. The main advantage of this is to optimize revenue by seamless activation across a variety of user IDs, the capacity to bid across all major identifiers without having to select a single provider and enhanced targeting and attribution across devices.  

Contextual and Cohort Targeting including Google’s Privacy Sandbox 

Our suite of contextual solutions enables advertisers to extend reach across devices in a privacy-safe manner. Nexxen’s Smart Contextual segments are based on real-time actionable insights from Discovery, our proprietary insights product. Alternatively, advertisers can lean into TV Content Targeting which allows them to target against the genre, rating or language of the video or advertisement being watched. These packages are derived from our SSP’s direct publisher data and are built using our own proprietary methodology. Clients can also choose to tap into predictive audiences or traditional keyword targeting. 

We will also support privacy-safe industry solutions, like Google’s Privacy Sandbox and are a chosen test partner on the SSP side. Later this quarter, we will begin working with publishers and DSPs to test this solution. Ultimately, our collaboration and feedback are helping to shape Google’s product development of Topics, Protected Audiences and attribution/measurement reporting. 

Supply Curation and Publisher Data 

Our curated supply deals offer additional scale while allowing buyers to connect directly with premium publishers through their first-party data, efficiently crafting third-party, data-enabled PMPs catered to their specific campaign needs. 

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