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Featured Learning Resources

Industry Disintermediation: Why It’s Inefficient For Buyers

Kara Puccinelli on Beet TV
Chief Customer Officer, Nexxen

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Research: Effects of Repeating CTV Ads

Kara Manatt on Beet TV
EPV Intelligence Solıutions, MAGNA Global

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Attention: An Overview with Lumen

Mike Follet on Beet TV
CEO, Lumen

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Sustainability: It’s not the Enemy

Martin Bryan on Beet TV
Chief Global Sustainability Officer, IPG MediaBrands

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Attention: Helping to Evaluate Media Strategy

Ron Amram on Beet TV
Sr. Director, Global Media, Mars

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Attention: Key Indicators for Ad Campaigns

Britt Cushing on Beet TV
Head of Communications, Planning, OMD USA

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