Nexxen Rings the Closing Bell at the Nasdaq Stock Market Exchange

In 2023, we reached a momentous milestone by consolidating all our products and platforms into a single brand: Nexxen. On Wednesday, February 28, 2024, we commemorated this achievement with a new ticker symbol, NEXN, and by ringing the closing bell at the Nasdaq stock market exchange.

Our CEO, Ofer Druker, summed the day up best in his remarks at the podium:

Several years ago, we embarked on a mission and strategic journey to become leaders in the Connected TV or “CTV” advertising arena. We strongly believed, and correctly predicted, that CTV was the next major frontier for advertisers to reach potential customers, enhance brand recognition, and drive future growth. We also strongly believed that serving both sides of the advertising ecosystem through an end-to-end platform featuring both a DSP and SSP was best for customers. So, we started to operate this way, and built out our platform with this concept in mind. And now, we celebrate all that this eventually became.

In 2023, we reached a major milestone in unifying our products and platforms under a single brand – Nexxen. Nexxen is a nod to the horizontal nature of our platform, borrowing from a Latin word meaning “to connect.” The new name captures our ability to link different parts of the ecosystem, including the demand and supply sides, as well as linear and Connected TV, to create something that is both future-facing and impactful.

Our path has seen significant organic growth, a public listing in the US, the creation of key partnerships, the successful acquisition and integration of several companies, and our rebrand. I am so pleased and proud to join you all – my colleagues, our partners and industry friends – today, with more conviction than ever that the steps we have taken have been the right ones. I want to wish us all good luck and to continue on our journey together for years to come.

Click here to access additional event photos and the full ceremony recording.

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