Thanks for joining Nexxen in the City of Lights at CES 2024 to illuminate a handful of key themes that will define the new year ahead for our industry!

The Future of Identity

With consumer privacy-driven changes on the horizon including third-party cookie deprecation and mobile ad ID adjustments, future-proofing your ability to reach audiences without sacrificing scale and accuracy is more important than ever.

Actionable Audience Insights

Everyone knows that data is imperative to optimizing audience reach and campaign performance. But simply having a ton of data isn’t enough—it’s how you transform data insights into thoughtful activation strategies that matters most.

The Convergence of Linear TV & CTV

As consumer media consumption behaviors evolve in dynamic ways amidst the ascendance of streaming, advertisers are adapting their audience reach strategies. Embracing how Linear TV and CTV work in concert is an essential first step.

The Power of the Unified Platform

Within today’s increasingly fragmented ad tech landscape, marketers want more flexibility and clarity in making the best decisions for their business. And that’s where a unified platform like Nexxen’s can help in ways that others can’t.

A More Sustainable Ad Tech Ecosystem

We’ve joined our clients and partners in a shared commitment to limiting power consumption, optimizing energy usage, and reducing our carbon footprint. Our sustainable media solutions are an important step toward achieving these goals.

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